Top 6 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Caterer

Top 6 Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Caterer

Top 6 Considerations in Choosing a Caterer
It is important to select a catering company who not only provides excellent food and service, but also pays attention to the multitude of details involved in your event.  Delivering on these details will ensure your guests are impressed with the overall presentation and flow of your event while leaving you free to relax and enjoy a memorable occasion. Having catered and assisted with the planning of thousands of events over many years, At Your Service Catering & Event Planning has found the following to be the “Top 6 Criterion to Consider When Choosing a Caterer.”

1.  Impeccable Taste
This phrase has a double meaning.  Stellar presentation paired with superior tasting cuisine made from the freshest and best products on the market is always a recipe for success.  A professional caterer has talented chefs leading a culinary team who can perform in any environment, displaying artistic skills and creative preparation techniques that will delight your guests’ senses.  Ask to see their portfolio.  Do they understand your vision and needs?  Do they have the proper equipment to deliver on your vision?  Ask about the most creative events they have put together and what makes them different from their competition.

2. Great Value
If you have a limited budget, tell your caterer about it.  Tell them how much you are able to spend, and ask if they can suggest the best options for you.  Although price is always going to be a factor, paying the lowest price does not always mean you are getting the best value!  Consider what is and IS NOT included in the bottom line.

3. Exceptional Service
Superior service should begin the moment you make contact with your caterer.  They should carefully listen to your ideas and work with you to create an event that matches your vision.  Employees should be responsive to your needs in both the planning stages and production of your special occasion.  The company should be well-organized, be willing to go above and beyond, and have at its core a desire to provide extraordinary and superior service.

4. Highest Level of Dependability
Do your research.  Develop a list of 3-5 potential catering companies gathered from speaking with friends.  A great caterer will always give you references for their customers with whom you may speak and get information about their reliability and quality.   Questions to ask the caterer include deposit requirements, the type of menu they would suggest for your budget, and if they readily assist with specific requirements.

5. Ability to Accommodate Individual Needs
Quality caterers recognize that every event is different.  Can they assist with special menu requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, Halal, or Kosher?  Do they understand staffing ratio needs for bartenders, wait staff, and chefs?  Can they provide specialty equipment and décor associated with diverse event themes?  There is much to consider when preparing for any special occasion.  You need a caterer who understands what your special needs are and is dedicated to making sure your event goes flawlessly!

6. Wealth of Experience
It is best to choose a professional event catering company who has a history of performing an impressive culinary show.  When you look back at your special wedding day, or event designed to impress your clients or boss, you will be glad you selected a caterer who has an extensive and broad range of experience and success and will leave a superb lasting impression.

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