At Your Service Catering: It’s All About Taste and An Experience that is Culturally Enriched

For many years, At Your Service Catering has provided unrivaled catering and event planning services to the Dallas Fort Worth area for weddings, galas, corporate events, special events, meetings, conferences and more. It is our dedication to exceeding customer expectations that has driven us to be regarded as one of the Top Catering Companies in DFW. Testament to our commitment to excellence, we were recently awarded the 2011 D Magazine Readers’ Choice Best of Big D award for catering, and we have been recognized through associations, clients and local chambers of commerce for our culinary excellence.

The At Your Service Catering & Event Planning story is culturally enriched. Founding president John Johnston travels all over the world, zesting flavors from his travels into every menu item and transforming your events into full sensory experiences.

Alice Oldenburg, Co-Owner, is the creative force behind At Your Service Catering.  She is always looking for creative and innovative ways to deliver the  “Wow” factor in food selection and presentation to our customers.  Alice has spent 20-plus years in the hospitality industry, and embraces each event with total enthusiasm!



Autum Sadler- Our new Sales Team Leader  

Recently, we have been gifted with an amazing new talent- Autumn Sadler. With years of experience in catering, Autumn has decided to share her talents with AYS catering. With an eye for new trends and years of perfecting important events, Autumn is just the person to ensure your party is the talk of the town. As the sales team leader, Autumn is already making her mark in our company and the event community.

John Johnston: Owner and CEO
After years of working various positions in the Country Club world, John decided to open his own company. Because of his expertise and profound understanding of special events, AYS catering quickly rose to success.  His rare talents and ability to adapt have sustained that success. John has made working with AYS a guarantee that your event will be beautiful and paramount. On the personal side, John enjoys being with his family, working with the local Rotary club, and travelling.

Alice Oldenburg: Co-CEO and Creative Dynamo
Alice began catering kids parties decades ago. Her creativity with décor, menus, activities, and marketing fueled the success of her business. Several years later, she met John and the business ideas began to flow. A partnership was inevitable for these two. Alice brings her own flair, style, and finesse to AYS catering. She is the major creative force behind the beautification of our events, as well as our up-to-the-minute menus. As business partners, John and Alice fit like two puzzle pieces. In her personal life, Alice loves to spend time with her daughter, stay active, and experience other cultures.

Charan Cooper: Office Manager
Charan is an extremely well-rounded employee. Her understanding of our company is sharpened by her many years of experience working as a restaurant brand manager and 15 years of direct sales experience. Charan helps with many of the behind-the-scenes aspects of a privately owned food-centered business. Charan’s eagerness to help everyone and her versatility make her an irreplaceable part of our team. Family is first to Charan, and in her spare time she likes to go on dates with her husband, and spend time with her daughter and grandkids.

Josefina Sanchez: Executive Chef
Josefina (“Josey”) has been a chef for over 20 years in hotels, country clubs, and catering. She is an absolutely astounding force in the kitchen. Josey is enormously dedicated and diligent in her craft. Josey loves to cook, and catering offers her the chance to do that on a large scale while keeping her on her toes with different menus. We joke that she has an iron stomach, because nothing phases her! In her spare time, Josey likes to work in her garden.

Danielle Oldenburg: Assistant to CEO, Event Captain, Nutritionist
Danielle has undertaken almost every position here at AYS catering. Seeing all aspects of the catering business has made her an expert in the field. Having Danielle on your event team is yet another guarantee that your event is going to be first-class, from the behind the scenes work like polishing silverware, to the front of the house feng shui of your event. While working for AYS, Danielle completed two degrees in nutrition. In her personal life, she loves to spend time with her diverse family, boyfriend and dog, while staying active and travelling.

Miguel Andrade: Event Captain

Miguel joined our team about 5 years ago. His years of practice with events make him a unique asset to AYS catering. Miguel is seasoned, having worked 12 years in country clubs. Service is Miguel’s number 1 priority. He loves to do his best work at events and see the hosts/guests become instantly satisfied and happy. In his spare time, Miguel likes to watch movies.